Handy Pay


Handyman Nottingham charges a flat rate for the first hour of labour of only £40.00, which is taken by one of our customer services team by our secure Handy Pay credit/debit card system over the phone or online at the time of booking, and prior to a operative being dispatched to your property. We then can book/dispatch an operative to your property. Once we have expended the first hour at your property we then charge a further reduced standard flat rate of just £14.50 plus vat for each half hour thereafter, and until we leave the job.

Then the operative at your property once the job or days work has been completed will raise an invoice for you, and to your full satisfaction. He will then take a further credit/debit card payment for the labour, and materials used up to that point via our secure mobile Handy Pay credit/debit card “Chip & Pin” system terminal. You will then receive both an invoice for the works completed, and a credit/debit card receipt.


You’re in complete control of your spending, you never pay more for the service than you need.

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